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Healing through skill and compassion

Emergency Services
Contact numbers
Our doctors and staff are available 24 x 7 for any emergencies. Our emergency contact nos:
Landline (during working hours): (91)(80)4173-3682, Mobile (during non-working hours): (91)9845568262
Evaluation and treatment of a range of surgery problems
Cessna is also known for providing surgical solutions previously unavailable in India like ophthalmic micro surgery, neuro surgery, spinal cord decompression, etc.
Preventive Health Care
Prevention is better than Cure
This is a must for all pets. It keeps your pet healthy, active and helps them to live a long, stress free life. Regular vaccination, deworming and general health checks are a must.

What’s up?
Read about the latest at Cessna
Most people are not familiar with the term brachycephalic, but if you own a Pug, Bulldog, Shih Tzu or any flat nosed breed it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with it.

Meet our team

Dr.Pawan Kumar

M.V.Sc. Surgery

Dr. Pawan Kumar is the founder of Cessna. He started his career as an Emergency Doctor and Surgeon with C.U.P.A. and moved on to set up Cessna Lifeline Hospital

Dr.Ajithesh Kumar

B.V.Sc. & A.H.

Dr. Ajitesh Kumar studied at Nagpur Veterinary College. He worked with Pfizer Health Care as a veterinary officer before joining the team at Cessna.

Dr.Ramesh Jangra


Dr. Ramesh is a brilliant surgeon, especially well known for his work in Cataract Surgery and Corneal Surgical Techniques. He is one of very few vets today using Phaecoemulsification for cataract surgery.

Appointment request

Pet FAQs

What is an allergy and allergen?
  • Some substances cause hypersensitive reactions in animals and humans, these substances are called allergens.
  • The reaction to an allergen is what we call an allergy.
What are the signs of an allergy?
  • The signs of an allergic reaction are excessively licking of paws, rubbing of face, scratching and watery eyes.
  • However these are also symptoms for other illness and disease, so you must consult your vet for an accurate diagnoses.
  • Excessive scratching can make the skin raw, which can lead to secondary infections, increased shedding and hair loss (alopecia).
What are the common types of allergies seen in dogs?
  • Some often seen types of allergies are Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), Atopy or allergic inhalant dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis and Food Allergies.


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A dog having an allergic reaction may excessively lick his paws, rub his face, scratch and have watery eyes…

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Eye care for dogs is important as sight is one of their most important senses. In a lot of cases blindness leads to high levels of stress and fear in dogs…

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