M.V.Sc (Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics)  

Ever since he was a child, Dr Nitin wanted to be a veterinarian and in 2015, his dream came true. He completed his graduation in BVSc from the Bombay Veterinary College (Maharashtra) in 2013 followed by his masters MVSc in 2015 from GBPUAT, Pantnagar (Uttrakhand). 


After completing his studies in veterinary sciences, Dr Nitin armed with the knowledge of veterinary medicines interned for six months at various government polyclinics such as BSPCA Mumbai, Kolhapur government polyclinic and. Karad govt polyclinic.


His first work experience was at GBPUAT, Pantanagar where he worked as a teaching assistant. Later he joined Cessna Lifeline in 2015 as a veterinarian. His excellent skills in diagnosing Canine gastrointestinal diseases, Canine dermatological diseases, Pregnancy and Haemoprotzone diseases give him an edge in treating these cases. He has keen interests in abdominal USG and Echocardiography. Dr Nitin has vast experience in handling critical and emergency treatment for canines and felines. He is also a Canine anesthesiologist and specializes in soft tissue surgeries at Cessna Lifeline.