To serve and help animals in distress, Dr. Brijesh kumar singh  He completed his graduation in BVSc from the Jabalpur Veterinary College (Madhya Pradesh ) followed by his masters MVSc in Veterinary Surgery & Radiology Jabalpur  Veterinary College (Madhya Pradesh ).

He also worked at the Jabalpur Pet Clinic for close to two years to gain experience while studying for his Masters. He has also worked in mixed practice in Jabalpur (M.P.) two years and gained good experience of handling Critical Care patients and Small animal OPD. His love and compassion towards Animals brings him in this noble profession and He is always happy to help them from their sufferings.

He decided to work with CESSNA. At CESSNA hospital he performed various soft tissue, orthopaedic and Laparoscopic surgeries. He is also doing USG and is a general physician and treats canines and felines.

He has a special interest in orthopedics, soft tissue and ophthalmic surgery . He wants to upgrade himself with latest technique and knowledge in these areas and wants to enjoy every moment of his profession.

He likes to travel tourist place, watch shows and movies.